February 20, 2020

Ready to go: Wellbeats launches virtual, on-demand sports prep classes to teach young athletes how to move

Sports readiness classes from Wellbeats prepare young bodies for athletic competition

School’s out for summer, and that means kids are out of the classroom and either on the playground or participating in organized sports. Nearly 70% of kids ages 6 to 12 play a team or individual sport, and while that physical activity is important for keeping kids healthy and developing active habits for later life, young bodies that aren’t prepared to move are also more likely to suffer injuries. More than 3.5 million kids under age 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year, and overuse injuries are responsible for more than half of sports injuries to students in middle school and high school.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends young people between the ages of 6 and 17 get at least an hour of vigorous activity each day, but it’s just as important to make sure kids move the right way. To teach kids the basics of good movement before they hit the field for their first sporting event,  Wellbeats, a leading provider of virtual, on-demand fitness, has developed a series of Sports Ready classes to teach athletes between the ages of 6 and 14 years motor skills that will prepare them for the demands of organized sports.

“Keeping kids active is important for a number of reasons. Not only is it recommended for development, but regular activity helps with everything from improving health and building muscle to maintaining a healthy body weight,” said Mark Kingsriter, fitness director, Wellbeats. “Our Sports Ready training classes are designed to minimize the risk of injury by teaching movement patterns that make proper technique second nature.”

According to Kingsriter, the Wellbeats content includes 12 specific Sports Ready classes, as well as a number of general fitness classes designed specifically for children and adolescents.

Sports Ready programming offers short, engaging lessons designed to improve balance, agility, and coordination for individuals at any level of fitness. Rather than focusing on an individual sport, the goal is to build good technique that will prepare kids to be active whether they’re trying out for soccer or playing on the playground. Activities aren’t restricted to kids, either. Wellbeats Sports Ready classes are a great way for adults to develop good habits while spending time with their children.

“It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you exercise, and fixing those habits can take 1,000 to 3,000 repetitions. There’s a great opportunity when kids are young to teach them the right way to run, jump, or cut,” said Kingsriter. “The more we’re able to keep kids active and feeling healthy, the better the chances they will maintain those habits throughout their lifetime. Ultimately, that can lead to better overall well-being, lower health care costs, and improved performance.”

Wellbeats offers more than 500 on-demand fitness classes. Content can be licensed by employers and made available as a health benefit for employees and their families. It is also available as a benefit through select health plans. Individual users can subscribe for a monthly fee through the Apple App Store.

Visit www.Wellbeats.com to learn more about on-demand, virtual fitness for commercial or individual use.


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