Launch My Health: Evidence-Supported Nutrition Programs

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Launch My Health: Marketing Toolkit

Need help spreading the word about your Launch My Health offering? Download the toolkit below for editable communication templates and resources to help your members increase energy, improve symptoms, and see lasting results.

This toolkit includes:

  • Promo Flyer
  • Program Catalog
  • Email Template
  • Intranet Template
  • Social Media Template

Download Toolkit

You can also share the Launch My Health Programs page with your members for direct access to program workbooks, recipes, and meal plans.

Empower your workforce with clinical insight, meal planning, and cooking skills. Launch My Health is a series of self-paced educational programs focused on the impact of nutrition on physical health and mental wellbeing. Programs include: Home Chef Pro, Kids in the Kitchen, Restore Gut Health, Optimizing Brain Health, Nutrition for Optimizing Women’s Hormones, and Putting Out the Flame. Download this toolkit for marketing materials to promote Launch My Health’s programs with your members. 

For Launch My Health member-facing resources, please share the following link directly with your members :

PLEASE NOTE: This toolkit is only intended for clients who have purchased Enhanced Nutrition (Launch My Health). If you’re interested in adding this feature to your Wellbeats wellbeing solution or schedule a demo, please contact