February 19, 2020

Sun’s out, fun’s out: Tips for taking your workout outside this summer

Wellbeats offers tips that make it easy to get structured exercise without missing beautiful summer weather

Summer is in full swing, and while the warm weather and long days are perfect for outdoor activities, they present a dilemma: stick with your regular exercise routine, or skip the workout and enjoy the weather?

With Wellbeats, people of all ages and all stages of fitness no longer have to choose. Wellbeats’ on-demand, virtual fitness content includes a variety of classes that offer the structure and expert guidance of a group fitness class, with the flexibility to complete classes indoors or outside. A leading provider of fitness that fits for individuals, workplace wellness programs, college and university campuses, travel destinations, and the U.S. military, Wellbeats offers the following tips to help maximize summer workouts and achieve fitness goals.

1. Go virtual.

Exercising on someone else’s schedule is so old fashioned. Virtual, on-demand fitness gives users the flexibility to complete a professionally designed workout when, where, and how they choose. Feel like a midnight yoga class? Go for it. Want to do high-intensity interval training over lunch? There’s an instructor waiting. And since classes are available on a smartphone or tablet — and many require no equipment — they work just as well outside as they do in a gym or a basement.

2. Hit the road (or trails).

If you want to take your workout outside, running is a natural fit. Running doesn’t require any equipment other than a good-fitting pair of shoes, and the exercise is just as effective on the local trail as it is on a treadmill. But while everyone knows the basics of running, even this seemingly simple workout can be enhanced with expert instruction. Virtual fitness from Wellbeats offers access to running and walking classes in our new Strides channel, designed by Olympian Carrie Tollefson. Users can lace up their shoes, put on their headphones, and let an expert guide your workout.

3. Drop the weights.

Running is far from the only exercise that works outdoors. Pilates, high-impact interval training, and yoga classes that rely on body weight work just as well outdoors as in. Stretching and recovery classes can complement other forms of exercise or just help ease the stress of a long day. An effective virtual fitness platform will provide tools to filter available classes and easily identify options that don’t require weights or other equipment.

4. Stay connected.

Weights and machines aren’t necessary for a good outdoor workout, but there are a few essentials, and a few additional items, that will make the experience more enjoyable. Start with a phone, tablet or computer to stream on-demand content. Any of these options work for streaming video outside, as long as there’s a cellular or wifi connection available. If watching the class isn’t an option, or users wants to be more mobile, a pair of headphones works for following audio prompts. In addition, a workout mat or blanket is a good option for keeping the grass and dirt from staining a workout outfit.

5. Prepare for the environment.

There are important distinctions between indoor and outdoor workouts. Sunburn and bug bites, for example, aren’t typically a concern at the gym. But make sure to wear sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor workouts, and consider sunglasses and a hat for additional protection. Want to avoid doing interval training in a driving rain? Check the weather before heading outside to make sure there’s not a storm on the horizon. In addition, it’s important to stay hydrated during outdoor workouts on scorching summer days. There’s no climate control outside, so expect to sweat more than usual if the sun is shining brightly.

6. Bring friends.

Forgoing scheduled group fitness classes doesn’t have to mean giving up gym buddies. Working out is often more fun when you can engage friends and family, and planning a group activity makes everyone more accountable to actually show up. Find friends who are interested in a workout, get together in a park or someone’s back yard, and fire up a class that works for everyone.

Summer offers plenty of barriers to maintaining a regular workout schedule. From picnics and vacations to sports schedules, it can be tough to stay on a regular exercise routine, especially when that means heading indoors on a sunny day. However, with just a few tweaks, it’s possible to create a summer workout that works for people of all ages and stages of life.


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