August 31, 2022

The Importance of Healthy Routines

Healthy routines can help improve your overall mental health and physical wellbeing. According to WebMD, the benefits of establishing a healthy routine include less stress, better sleep, better health, and increased happiness.

What is a healthy routine? Well, there’s not one right answer—healthy routines can look different for everyone. In fact, your own healthy routine might not even look the same each day. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, self-care, time management, and stress management are just a few areas of life where establishing healthy routines can improve your wellbeing.

Jump-start your morning routine with a healthy breakfast smoothie.

Tips for Establishing Health Routines

The idea of implementing a new routine or overhauling your current routine can be overwhelming, but establishing healthy routines doesn’t have to be complicated! Start small by replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones, practicing daily acts of self-care, or identifying ways to manage stress.

Mental Health America offers several tips for successfully establishing healthy routines, beginning with creating the routine that is right for you. You can set yourself up for success if you plan ahead, reward yourself for small victories, and refrain from beating yourself up if you miss a day.

Once you’ve determined what your healthy routine looks like and started making changes, the key is to stick with it! In a LifeSpeak blog on maintaining healthy habits, LifeSpeak experts offer tips to help overcome obstacles to sticking with healthy routines. They cover a wide range of healthy habits, including sleeping better, reducing screen time, meeting fitness goals, mastering nutrition, abstaining from alcohol, and more.

Build Healthy Routines with Wellbeats

With 1,000+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes, Wellbeats has classes and programs to help you implement and stick to healthy routines.

Ready to build your healthy routine? Safely ease into healthy habits with a variety of fun workouts including strength training, yoga, HIIT, and barre, plus beginner-friendly meditation exercises and healthy eating tips in our four-week Get Started program. Enroll in the program now, or try one of the classes below as you build your own healthy routine.

Fitness Routines

Establishing or enhancing your fitness routine can be as simple as adding a 10-minute yoga practice a few times each week. In Quick Yoga Stretch, Wellbeats instructor Jodee T. focuses on flexibility and range of motion to help relieve any tightness or tension in the body. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Quick Yoga Stretch with Jodee T. now.

Wellbeats instructor Jodee T. leads a yoga stretch
Quick Yoga Stretch with Wellbeats instructor Jodee T.

Nutrition Routines

Starting each day with a nutrient-dense breakfast is a great way to establish a healthy routine. While easy to skip, eating breakfast can help boost your metabolism, help you maintain energy, and keep you full all morning long. Get inspired with our favorite healthy breakfast ideas to start your day right. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Breakfast: Start Your Day Right with Christina S now.

Breakfast: Start Your Day Right with Wellbeats instructor Christina S.

Mindfulness Routines

Incorporating mindfulness as part of your healthy routine can allow you to feel a calm mind, relaxed body, and connected spirit. In Introduction to Meditation, Wellbeats instructor Nicole L. leads a short meditation practice to experience the benefits of mindfulness. This introduction explains how to practice meditation and explains the many values of using meditation throughout your day. Already a Wellbeats member? Try Introduction to Meditation with Nicole L. now.

Wellbeats instructor Nicole L. leads a meditation session from a seated pose with candles lit in the background.
Intro to Meditation with Wellbeats instructor Nicole L.

As National Wellness Month comes to a close, your focus on self-care, stress management, and healthy routines does not have to end. Remember, by prioritizing small daily acts of self-care and building healthy routines, you can boost your overall mental health and physical wellbeing—and Wellbeats is with you every step of the way.

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