September 29, 2022

Wellbeats Instructors Share Self-Care Tips

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September is Self-Care Awareness Month, a time to remember that taking care of yourself is essential. Self-care is anything you do to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well.

Whether you’re just beginning your self-care journey or you’re looking to refresh your routine, consider incorporating the following self-care tips from your favorite Wellbeats instructors.

Wellbeats instructor Gea M.

Self-Care Tips from Gea M.

There is nothing more important to me about self-care than taking care of my feet! I live for my monthly pedicure! My feet are the biggest part of what I love—biking, running, and swimming—so I must take good care of them. The leg/foot massage is energizing, which gives me time to relax and reflect, and the polish is the cherry on top!

Wellbeats instructor Barb K
Wellbeats instructor Barb K.

Self-Care Tips from Barb K.

To me, self-care is meeting everyday basic needs to live a healthy life:

  • Get plenty of sleep (7 hours preferred).
  • Drink plenty of water (drink half your weight in ounces).
  • Meditate often.
  • Treat yourself—spa, lazy day, or whatever works for you.
  • Find opportunities to laugh!
  • Nutrition—fuel your body properly with fruits, veggies, and whole foods.

Wellbeats instructor Chance Y.

Self-Care Tips from Chance Y.

Sleep hygiene, self-foot massage, journaling, and walking meditation.

Wellbeats instructor Carrie T. smiles while running on a treadmill.
Wellbeats instructor Carrie T.

Self-Care Tips from Carrie T.

As a mother of three, I realize self-care is very hard to prioritize, but I have found the 20-minute run or workout is such a life saver. We have to quit thinking more is always better because a lot of times, people get overwhelmed and just skip it all together. So, from me to you, please don’t forget about the 20-minuter! They are a staple in my life!

Having a bar in my purse has always been something I try to remember. Whether traveling, running errands, or going to a workout, it is never fun to be hungry. By having a bar in my bag, I know I am covered.

Sleep is so very important! Turn the electronics off and get in those extra ZZZs!

I sleep in my running clothes a lot these days. I know it sounds funny, but I am halfway there if I have already slept in them or laid them out the night before.

For me, morning workouts are the way to go. I always feel better after and very rarely do I have to skip then because something else has gotten in the way!


Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month with Wellbeats

You’re invited to celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month by checking out our “Take Care of You” program, trying a new Wellbeats class that focuses on self-care, or joining the conversation by sharing your own self-care journey with the hashtag #WellbeatsForAll.

At Wellbeats, we believe that wellbeing isn’t just for some—it’s for all. Wellbeats gives people of every age, interest, body type, situation, and ability level the same opportunity to live a healthier life. We’re proud to provide an affordable, accessible, and approachable health and wellness solution that caters to our individual members’ needs and wants with personalized options.

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