November 11, 2022

Wellbeats Provides a Wellness Solution for Veterans and Employees

John M., an employee at a regional VA health care provider, has turned to Wellbeats as both a versatile, accessible tool for veteran care and an affordable whole-health and wellness benefit for employees.

Client Summary

  • Regional health care provider with 6 locations, including a VA health care center and community-based outpatient clinics
  • Approximately 1,200 employees

Key Challenges

  • Support needs of both employees and veterans
  • Expand number and type of previously limited group fitness class offerings
  • Establish an affordable whole health and wellness solution

Program Highlights

  • Accessibility: On-site and app-based solution
  • Integration: Complements the clinic’s whole-health delivery system for veterans
  • Engagement: “The holistic approach really helps that inner core of all of us.”

John identified Wellbeats as a budget-friendly alternative to previously contracted services. The clinic saves money by using Wellbeats as a replacement for its group fitness classes.

Wellbeats has met the clinic’s need for a fitness solution—and then some. It has allowed John and his staff to expand both offerings and accessibility. With classes spanning fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, there’s something for all veterans and employees, regardless of their interest, ability, or lifestyle.

“We focus on what is important to the veteran and then help them develop a personal health plan surrounding the kinds of areas in their life that may be impacting their overall health and wellbeing in a negative fashion,” John said.

Accessibility has improved across the board with Wellbeats. Inside their facilities, Wellbeats content is available using a VA laptop and a TV; John uses a computer on wheels to make the system even more flexible internally. Wellbeats also allows the clinic to offer classes outside the facility on personal portable devices.

Wellbeats is currently available in five of John’s facilities, and over 20 percent of eligible employees are already actively using the platform.

“Classes are great, and we’ve had good utilization,” John said. “If the individual person says, ‘I just feel better,’ that’s a success.”

Veterans are enjoying Wellbeats as well. Navy veteran Sally P. was one of a handful of veterans who recently attended a Wellbeats Tai Chi class at a VA outpatient center.

“In the military, we served during wartime, and you know, wore ourselves out a little,” Sally said. “And, come here knowing there’s a place that cares about me—that looks at every aspect from psychology to medicine to the holistic nutrition—it’s just wonderful.”

Download the VA health care system client spotlight here.

About Wellbeats, a LifeSpeak company

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