Wellbeats Provides Convenient, Accessible Wellness Programming for Employees

The County of Ventura (Calif.) introduced Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., to provide its employees with a convenient, affordable wellbeing solution that works for them on their own schedules, overcoming the challenges of being available for health and wellbeing activities and gaining access to equipment.  

It is no surprise that employees feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Wellbeing activities like incorporating time to get a workout in or learning how to make delicious and healthy meals tend to take a back seat to the rest of life’s demands.  

With Wellbeats Wellness, the sheer convenience of easily accessible content provides unmatched support. On-demand fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes are available anytime and anywhere, and the cost-effective solution is designed to fit everyone’s lifestyle, no matter their age, interest, or ability level.  

Rolling Out Wellbeats Wellness

Rob Davenport, Wellness Program Manager with the County of Ventura, explained that Wellbeats Wellness was introduced to employees during a pilot program testing out various on-demand digital solutions. Wellbeats Wellness was the unanimous decision as the best solution for providing wellness programs and classes to their employees.  

“From an employee perspective, I think you’ll find, if surveyed, employees will report not having enough time for health and wellbeing activities as a significant challenge,” said Rob. “Time during the workday is another challenge, so we strive to promote walk breaks during paid breaks.” 

Wellbeats Wellness tackles the time management obstacle with classes varying in length from one minute to sixty minutes, and most classes require no additional equipment so they can be done anytime and anywhere. 

Rob said that cost can be another barrier for employees, especially now with the recent rise in inflation, so Wellbeats offered an affordable solution at no extra cost for member participation. 

Working with Flexible Schedules

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob said that the County of Ventura offered in-person wellbeing classes at large worksites. In the post-pandemic era, however, the County of Ventura has allowed many employees to work remotely and created flexible work schedules. This created a challenge in scheduling onsite wellness programming. The solution? Wellbeats Wellness! 

The on-demand content serves a two-fold purpose: the County of Ventura can expand access to employees who could not participate in its pre-pandemic wellness initiatives due to their worksite location. Now, all employees can access programs anytime, anywhere. 

Wellbeats Wellness’ integration into the County of Ventura’s health and wellness incentive program, WELLthy Reward$, has also enticed employees to dive into Wellbeats Wellness’ classes and programs.  

“Assigning points to Wellbeats’ classes has definitely increased engagement in the platform, likely because it helps participants meet the threshold of the cash award they want to earn,” said Rob. “One of the greatest benefits of Wellbeats is the ability to provide an activity program that can be tracked without significant effort. This allows us to incorporate various Wellbeats programs and classes into our WELLthy Reward$ incentive program.” 

Key Client Challenges: 

  •  Many employees found it difficult to dedicate time to health and wellbeing activities. The introduction to Wellbeats Wellness reduced this challenge as the product offers convenient, intuitive classes and programs that are easy to follow.  
  • Cost can be a significant factor for many employees, especially with the rise of inflation. Wellbeats Wellness programs and classes make it possible for employees to participate without having to pay for additional equipment, gym memberships, or subscription fees.  

Program Highlights: 

  • County of Ventura employees appreciate on-demand content available with short, engaging classes and programs.  
  • Wellbeats Wellness programs and classes have been incorporated into the County of Ventura’s WELLthy Reward$ incentive program.  

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