Wellbeats is a global community. We want to reflect this inside our walls as well as within the content used to support our members, and we understand that we will only get better if we become a more diverse and inclusive company.

As a purposeful step in this direction, in Q4 2020 Wellbeats launched a Diversity and Inclusion Committee led by Committee Lead Jaime Burnham, Regional Vice President of Corporate Sales and a compassionate champion of the LGBTQ+ community, and executive sponsor Jen Zygmunt, Chief Revenue Officer. “We know this endeavor is a journey,” says Jaime. “It will take time to integrate more inclusive policies and practices into our everyday operations, and to help educate our workforce to think and behave more equitably and inclusively.”

Wellbeats began the process of incorporating diversity and inclusion into our everyday lives by adopting #WellbeatsForAll as a company hashtag. Employees are welcome and encouraged to use it in business correspondence and social media. The committee recently shared with all employees this Diversity and Inclusion Statement which will guide us:

At Wellbeats, we strive to provide ALL humans the opportunity of health and wellbeing.  We value and support everyone regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity or disability status, citizenship, socioeconomic status, culture, or any other aspect which makes them unique. We have a global community and we want to reflect that inside our walls, as well as within the content used to support our members. We know that different ideas, cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results.

We also are actively celebrating diverse holidays and observances. In honor of Black History Month in February, we featured new instructor Lynnea and her energetic Latin Dance class in a promotional campaign. For Pride Month in June we will roll out a multi-faceted campaign with special features and educational messaging throughout the month.

“We welcome you to join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion and striving to create a better society,” says Jaime. “We are proud to openly share our learnings and will post future blogs to keep our clients and customers apprised of our progress. This work is personal for me, and my ultimate goal is to set an example for other companies and ultimately make society and corporate America a more diverse, inclusive, accepting, and colorful place for all!”

About Wellbeats

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