January 24, 2020

Workouts for good: Wellbeats announces partnership with HopeKids MN

St. LOUIS PARK, MN (January, 2020) – Working out could benefit more than the waistline this February, thanks to Wellbeats and HopeKids MN. St. Louis Park-based Wellbeats, a leading provider of on-demand, virtual fitness programming, announced today it has formed a philanthropic partnership with HopeKids MN, the local chapter of a national nonprofit that organizes ongoing events and activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with a life-threatening medical condition, such as cancer.

As a result of this arrangement, every time a workout class is played or completed through the Wellbeats app in February, the company will donate $1 towards a 12-month Wellbeats subscription for HopeKids MN families. This also includes any classes featured in the new Hopekids-inspired, 4-week “Move with Heart” challenge.

Wellbeats will also support the organization with activities and events throughout the year, including a superhero-themed obstacle course, and providing access to the Wellbeats’ Train Your Way to a 5K challenge for people participating in the HopeK 5K in June.

“Supporting the community is an integral part of our culture at Wellbeats, and we believe strongly in the mission of HopeKids to support and connect families who are facing medical challenges through activities that contribute to their overall well-being,” said Jen Zygmunt, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Wellbeats and a HopeKids MN board member. “Our goal is to make fitness foundational for HopeKids families by making it more convenient and accessible, because we know how beneficial exercise is when dealing with stressful situations.”

HopeKids currently serves more than 1,500 families in Minnesota. According to data from HopeKids, families who use their services overwhelmingly report that HopeKids events allow them to spend more time together and gives them a more positive outlook on the future.

“When you’re dealing with the stress and time demands of a serious illness, it can be easy for fitness to fall by the wayside, but regular exercise can help families persevere and remain positive,” said Brian Anderson, executive director for HopeKids MN. “On-demand classes are an excellent way to relieve stress and keep the whole family healthy. And because Wellbeats’ classes are designed for people at all stages of ability, they fit perfectly with our goal of helping families be active together. These aren’t just exercise classes for Mom or Dad. They’re for the whole family,”

Wellbeats currently offers more than 500 on-demand fitness classes. Content can be licensed by employers and made available as a health benefit for employees and their families. It is also available as a benefit through select health plans. Individual users can subscribe for a monthly fee through the Apple App Store.

Visit www.Wellbeats.com to learn more about on-demand, virtual fitness for commercial or individual use.


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About Wellbeats

Based in St. Louis Park, MN, Wellbeats is a leading provider of on-demand fitness classes for use in workplaces of all sizes, on college or university campuses, multi-family housing, the U.S. military, and fitness and health clubs. Wellbeats makes fitness easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. More than 450 workout classes are available via kiosks, an online portal or via Android and iOS apps. To learn more, visit www.wellbeats.com or check out a sampling of the company’s fitness classes during a Facebook Live session. Follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About HopeKids

HopeKids provides ongoing events, activities, and a powerful support community for families who have a child with a life-threatening medical condition, such as cancer. Each month, we schedule a variety of sporting events, live performances, museum visits or other types of fun activities for the whole family.  We strive to keep kids focused on the future, looking forward to the next fun event around the corner, rather than dwelling on what they are dealing with in the present. All events are focused on the whole family to prevent siblings from being unintentionally overlooked, bring families together that understand their journey, and are offered at no cost to families.