February 22, 2022

Meet Wellbeats Instructor Nate Middleton

Fitness, fishing, and football are three defining activities in the life of Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton.

Nate grew up in rural Mississippi and had the value of fitness instilled in him from a young age. His first sporting loves were fishing and football, but fitness came to him in many forms.

“My mom, at that time, was a huge runner, so she ran these marathons. It seemed like every weekend she came home with a medal,” Nate said. “It was fitness that was instilled in my head.”

Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton
Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton

Lifelong Passions

Both fitness and fishing hold significant roles in Nate’s life as an adult, and his love of football carried on through his college years. He attended Minnesota State-Moorhead and earned his degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Business while also playing football at the college level.

Today Nate works as a personal trainer in addition to his work as a Wellbeats instructor. And, of course, he’s still a fisherman. He has even expanded his skills to include ice fishing on Minnesota’s frozen lakes during the long winter months.

“If I’ve got a gap from clients, I’ll shoot over here [to the lake] from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. And I’ll leave right at three,” Nate laughed. “I’m the type who has to catch something.”

Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton
Nate Middleton ice fishes on a frozen lake in Minnesota.

The patience, determination, and dedication Nate has learned in fishing have served him well in all his endeavors, most notably aiding him in his early days as a personal trainer.

“I kept doing the corporate route for almost 15 years and then decided to go out on my own,” Nate said. “I took a jump. I didn’t have any clients. I had two people. I treated those two people like they were my royalty. From there, it just continued to grow.”

Fitness for All

Nate’s approach to fitness and personal training aligns with Wellbeats’ vision that wellness isn’t just for some—it’s for all.

“I can have an eight-year-old, taking him through things that are designed for his motor-learning skills, while I have a 67-year-old knee surgery outpatient that I can take through and keep them safe,” Nate explained.

“Once I get them fundamentally sound with a good number of exercises, then the butt kicking just kind of lights it up a little bit.”

Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton
Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton

Nate’s work at Wellbeats has only expanded his reach and impact as a trainer.

“Wellbeats gave me that opportunity to grow into another aspect,” Nate said. “Next thing I know, I’ve got friends from Georgia—Atlanta—people I barely even know, and they’re like, ‘Nate, I worked out with you this morning. Thank you.’ Wow! That stuff is impactful to me. It’s huge.”

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