January 19, 2021

Wellbeats Introduces New Guided Cardio Channel to its Members

Blast through your next sweat session with Wellbeats Guided Cardio!

Guided Cardio is a new channel providing a unique workout experience for Wellbeats members through audio-based coaching and interval tracking – all using any cardio machine a member has access to at home.

With home fitness continuing to be a leading wellbeing trend in 2021, the Guided Cardio channel gives members a way to exercise in the comfort of their own home using any at-home fitness technology or equipment they have available such as a treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair climber, or rower. The channel offers cardio classes with a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) format to help burn calories in a shorter period of time. All classes feature an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale and interval timer to help members track their progress throughout the duration of the exercise. 

“It was nice to use the elliptical and to be the master of my level of exertion. It wasn’t too hard, but definitely brought a slight sweat and got my heart rate up long enough to feel good but not worn out.” – Wellbeats member

“I really enjoyed this! It helped me row with more intent.” – Wellbeats member

“Fun class, very encouraging instructor!” – Wellbeats member

With this unique cardio experience, Wellbeats members can stay motivated to live a healthier lifestyle at home no matter what cardio they prefer, whether it’s running, stair climbing, biking, or even rowing. 

Learn more about Wellbeats Guided Cardio.

About Wellbeats

Based in St. Louis Park, MN, Wellbeats is a leading provider of on-demand fitness classes for use in workplaces of all sizes, health plans, on college or university campuses, multi-family housing, the U.S. military, and fitness and health clubs. Wellbeats makes fitness easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. More than 700 workout classes are available via kiosks, an online portal or via Android and iOS apps. To learn more, visit www.wellbeats.com or check out a sampling of the company’s fitness classes during a Facebook Live session. Follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.