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Guides For Admins

Wellbeats Reporting Guide

Learn about Wellbeats’ reporting offerings to help you evaluate your performance and engagement. This includes downloadable sample reports. For any questions, please contact

Wellbeats Safe-listing

To help ensure email deliverability, please download the Safelisting Document with domains and IP addresses to add to your “safe/allow list”. For additional assistance, please contact

Engagement Best Practices Checklist

Clients who leverage most of Wellbeats’ engagement best practices have >1.5X more members who play a class in annual evaluations. Download this checklist as a tool to assess your wellness engagement strategy at your organization.

Wellbeats Eligibility File Specifications Guide

Learn everything you need to know about eligibility file specifications, including member creation and deactivation, file transfer, custom data fields, and more. For additional assistance, please contact

Wellbeats Eligibility File Upload Guide

Learn how to successfully upload your own eligibility file + common import errors and how to fix them.

Incentive Program Guide

Offering incentives can be an effective way to drive engagement with Wellbeats Wellness. Download this guide to learn how to design an incentive program with Wellbeats Wellness + tips and best practices for optimal success.

How to Create a Custom Program Guide

Interested in creating your own program on Wellbeats? Download this guide for instructions on how to create a custom program.

How to Order Wellbeats Swag

Are you hosting a team giveaway, challenge, or incentive program? You can order Wellbeats-branded swag for your prizes through our online swag store! Download this flyer and FAQs for more details.