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Welcome to Wellbeats: How your Complimentary Virtual Wellness Benefit Can Help You Live a Healthier Life

This webinar occurs the second Wednesday of every month at 12pm CT

Welcome to Wellbeats [Recurring Webinar]

Whether you just launched Wellbeats, approaching open enrollment season, or looking for ways to introduce Wellbeats to new or existing members, this introductory webinar is a perfect starting point.

Led by Wellbeats on the second Wednesday of every month, your members can enjoy a preview of everything their virtual wellness benefit has to offer, including:

  • Available class and program offerings
  • A demo of the Wellbeats platform
  • Tips to keep your members on track and reach their goals

This webinar will also include a Q&A.

To help you promote this webinar, please download the Welcome to Wellbeats Webinar Promo Flyer.

Interested in Wellbeats hosting a webinar exclusively for your members? Please reach out to

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The Connection Between Food and Mood – How Nutrition Impacts Your Mental Health

Eating well has a direct impact on mental health and can boost your mood. This short webinar dives into tangible, simple ways to feed your brain and thus boost your mood.

  • Learn which nutrient-dense foods support mental health
  • Understand the communication that takes place between the gut and the brain
  • Use simple food considerations and recipes to feed your brain and boost your mood