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Client Resources

Integrate Wellbeats in New Hire and Benefits Package

Engagement Best Practices Checklist

Clients who leverage most of Wellbeats’ engagement best practices have >1.5X more members who play a class in annual evaluations. Download this checklist as a tool to assess your wellness engagement strategy at your organization.

Open Enrollment & Benefits Toolkit

Preparing for open enrollment or your employee wellness fair? Now is the perfect time to promote your virtual wellness offering. This toolkit includes everything you need to spread the word, including ready-made PowerPoint slides, how-to guides and catalogs, FAQs, and so much more.

Welcome to Wellbeats Toolkit

If you’re looking for resources to engage first-time members (such as new hires and onboarding), this toolkit is the perfect place to start. Includes Welcome flyers, video tutorial links, how-to guides, category and program catalogs, and so much more.