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The Connection Between Food and Mood – How Nutrition Impacts Your Mental Health

Eating well has a direct impact on mental health and can boost your mood. This short webinar dives into tangible, simple ways to feed your brain and thus boost your mood.

  • Learn which nutrient-dense foods support mental health
  • Understand the communication that takes place between the gut and the brain
  • Use simple food considerations and recipes to feed your brain and boost your mood

Wellbeats Class Sample Reel (General)

Explore 1,000+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes to help you live a healthier life.

Wellbeats Class Sample Reel (Nutrition)

Explore a variety of nutrition classes to help nourish and feel your best, including cooking tutorials, healthy recipes, family-friendly meal ideas, nutrition education, and so much more.

Wellbeats Class Sample Reel (Mindfulness)

Explore a variety of mindfulness and meditation classes to create more calm and inner peace, including gratitude meditation, mind-body connection, mindful yoga, breathing exercises, and so much more.

Wellbeats Class Sample Reel (Fitness)

Explore a variety of workouts to help you feel your strongest, including cardio, running/walking, cycling, yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, and so much more.

Wellbeats: Wellbeing for All

This video presents Wellbeats’ mission to help everyone live a healthier life and includes a sneak peek of available content and features.

Welcome to Wellbeats

This short video includes a special introduction from Wellbeats Fitness Director and Instructor Mark Kingsriter, plus an overview of Wellbeats.

How to Get Started with Wellbeats

This video tutorial includes a full step-by-step breakdown of what Wellbeats is, how to navigate and find classes, available features and content, and so much more.